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Senior Advanced Design Projects

BS Cyber Security Engineering

Welcome to the home of George Mason University Cyber Security Engineering Advanced Senior Design Projects. The goal of this class is to provide students with a “real-life” industry project as part of their major design experience during their senior year. Student Teams work with sponsors, who are also the customers. With advice from subject-matter experts, the teams complete meaningful engineering projects.

Each project is managed exactly as if the students were just hired by a company and placed on an engineering team. Students are responsible for generating the project plan and then executing the plan. Throughout two semesters, they are guided in technical areas by the subject-matter experts and mentored by the instructor in a host of professional and business skills such as communication, teamwork, ethics, professionalism, company values, metrics, and new business acquisition. By working in teams, they develop leadership and group interpersonal skills and deal with scheduling conflicts and meeting deliverables. Students are responsible for managing the customer relationship and solving the many real-life issues that undoubtedly occur.

This class will produce highly competitive Cyber Security Engineers that have developed business, professional, and technical skills.

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